Millwood Bengal Studs

SGC Millwood Megabyte

dob: 06/23/2005

Megabyte has supurb donut rosettes and small ears! He will be standing at stud later this season.

Sire: Millwood Gigabyte
Dam: Millwood Xcite

Millwood Gigabyte

dob 10/17/03

Like his big brother, Icon (above),Gigabyte is fearless and a love as well as a beauty! Short soft coat, small ears, close together eyes, lovely profile, very light ground with dark rosettes, and heavy boning with a thick neck for a kitten. Probably homozygous, he will be my #1 stud when he grows up. He's the cat I've been breeding for!

Sire: Millwood Jazz Beat
Dam: Millwood Laptop

Millwood Jazzbeat

Millwood Jazz Beat

Millwood Jazz Beat

dob. 9/13/02

Two Best Kitten ribbons in his only show. Now as an adult, he has a whited tummy, very light background, longer heavy muzzel. Siring sharply contrasted kittens.
above pictured at 7 months of age - below current

Sire: CH Millwood Brickle
Dam: Millwood Highlight

Millwood Focus

dob. 3/28/2005

Focus has had startlingly sharp contrast since birth. He is more colorful than appears here and is a relatively long, large stud cat with nice three-colored rosettes.

Sire: GCH Starbengal Damon of Jungletrax
Dam: Millwood Meela





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Thank You Jean Mill for the wonderful breed you developed!