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Cats without parents already in the database are not added until their respective parent cats are added.
This may seem inconvenient, but it will help maintain the integrity of the database in the long run.
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Enter Color
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The Descriptive Color :
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To claim ownership of a cat, login to the Cat Owners Login and use the "Claim a Cat" Box to add your personal information to a cat record after the cat is sucessfully added to the database.

If you have official proof of the cat your are submitting, and can email it to,
then this record can be marked as officially verified.

Official Proof is considered to be copies/scans/faxes of the official documents from your cat registering authority.
This can be for a single cat (example is the TICA certificate that shows a single cat information)
or an entire certified pedigree (which will allow me to verify several cats).

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